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When people see things as beautiful,ugliness is created.
When people see things as good,
evil is created.
Being and non-being produce each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low oppose each other.
Fore and aft follow each other.

Yin Yang illustrated from the Tao Te Ching


I have been waiting for this moment for quite a while. I must admit it has been quite nerve wrecking to say the least. But this being my first post is a big milestone and I am glad you are here to share this experience with me.

Yin and yang? Simply put its balance. You can understand more here . In life everything needs balance from our diets to work schedules to even how we dress. Being balanced makes us feel whole. I chose this to be my first post because I know we all strive to strike a balance in our lives, we want things to be as “perfect” as possible and at times it is a struggle. At times we see the dark (yin) as something negative but without dark we cannot appreciate light (yang). But we must shape our thinking to see that with beauty comes ugliness, with good comes evil. You cannot have the best of both worlds and we should start appreciating our flaws just as much as we pride ourselves in our strengths. One cannot exist without the other. I really struggled with my yin (dark) before I actually got the courage to start this blog. Balance in life is not static but ever changing and that’s okay. Never bash yourself so hard when you fall out of it but look for the yang (light) in it. But remember balance, too much of one thing even good, doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro






Photography- Nic Thuita Make up- Lynda Ijeoma

Dresses-Dressing Palace

Long pendant necklace- maasai market

Pearls- old

Sunglasses- Dubois

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  • Shimzy

    I love ur first post and the how u choose to take a different approach to writing a fashion blog. Very captivating read, cant wait for more.

    • siromich

      Thank you so much Shimzy!

      • Shimzy

        Keep up with the awesome work

        • siromich

          I sure will

  • siromich

    Hi Domingo..what do you want to find out?

  • siromich

    Thanks for stopping by Blaine and you are welcome

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    Thank you Milford

  • siromich

    Thank you so much..i appreciate it:-)

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    Thanks alot!

  • maria

    absolutely love it michelle. u have a unique approach to a fashion blog

    • siromich

      Thanks Maria..i appreciate :-)

  • Pages

    Good stuff. Keep doing this. Its so real we need more people like you

    • siromich

      Thanks Pages:-)

  • Maureen Ndiema

    am so proud of you mich….good job doll

    • siromich

      aaww thanks :-)

  • Grace

    Loving blog Siro. Keep them coming

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      Thanks..i sure will :-)

  • Purity254

    Hi i really like the blog,its such a huge incite to fashion but with a twist… Keep blogging more.. Good job

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      Thank you so much Purity254

  • Wahura

    Really enjoyed the read. Keep up the good work…

    • siromich

      Thank you Wahura :-)

  • NitoNjagi

    Unique read I must say. It has definitely lived up to expectations. Thumbs up #SimplySiro #OnwardsUpwards

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      Thanks Nito Njagi

  • waithererokiiru

    Amazing photography!!! loved it

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      Thanks..Nic you can check him out in the link i put below in the post

  • rose

    Way to go…love it!!

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      Thanks Rosy :-)

  • S.O

    Told you i’d be here

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      Thanks so much

  • Nida

    waaah, interesting way to think about it, this is the stuff philosophy is made of

    • siromich

      Thanks Nida :-)

  • Maureen

    The camera really loves you. Lovely piece of work.

    • siromich

      Thank you Maureen

  • Anita Samba

    Congrats Siro…. keep up… this is great….

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      Thanks dear

  • kamau Isaac

    Very captivating, keep up with the good job, can’t wait for more

  • McCray

    Elegant ,I must say ??

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    Very interesting, big up Shiro.

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      Thank you:)..n its Siro..hehe

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    yoh!…mamacita….aren’t you slaying!!!!…..thumbs up girl

  • Nduati Trippy Nation

    Nyc one siro have no comments Mehn thats great work keep it up