Opposite Day

Opposite Day 11

“If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times,” Betsey Johnson

Hi everyone, first off thank you all so much for your support and kind words towards my first post. If you haven’t read it, you should 😉 .

Today is opposite day (somewhere). But what does that really mean? Technically, Opposite Day cannot exist. If you say today is Opposite Day, then because of the rules of the game, today would be the opposite of what you just said i.e. the opposite of opposite day Is “not” opposite day but a normal day. Mind boggling, I know.

For me it meant a new way to look at fashion and its relation with gender. I love the fact we women have a huge variety to choose and borrow from the opposite sex. Thus my quote above, we really do dress for ourselves and other women too (don’t lie :-) ). When growing up I really admired how sharp of a dresser my parents were especially my father. In fact, the lovely bow tie you see was his and it’s older than me, it’s from the 1980’s. The whole outfit was inspired by my well dressed and groomed father, but I had to add my Simply Siro touch.

Oh! And another thing embrace the “macho man” that’s deep inside you, something amazing happens when you take your mind into a testosterone type of setting.  It makes you feel you can do this…I got this. When you feel good you do good. Let your clothes empower you, they are more than fabric and they invite an energy around you, could be positive or negative…you decide. So dress sharp and feel good.

Keep smiling :-)

Simply Siro

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Photography- Nic Thuita   Make-up- Lynda Ijeoma

Bow tie-old






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  • Daniella

    Awesome post!! Keep it up

  • Saru Dawn

    ….. Lovely!! Looking forward to more.

  • Perpetua Mwangi

    Simply Amazing

    • Hehe..saw what you did there..thanks :)

  • Shimzy

    LIKE A BOSS ?? am loving the pics n the simply siro touch to the bow tie. An interesting read as usual,…keep it up Siro ?

  • Sydney Kaesa

    Yooh!…..this is niiiice….Michelle, thumbs up….looking forward to more

  • Brian

    Nice post and am also loving the outfit…you rocked it.
    Keep them coming

  • Maureen Ndiema

    yet again am loving ur post…good job girl n i love your outfit esp the bowtie…keep em’ coming

    • Simplysiro

      Thank you Ndiema

  • Milanoi

    Love…..Love…Nothing but love…Its different and simply unique…..go girl…

  • waithererokiiru

    am not gonna try to be kind or sugar_coat the truth…. you are going places girl!!!!! i love this…. Amazing

    • Simplysiro

      Wow..thanks Waitherero..hehe

  • Lilian Mulwa

    Amazing job I dint see this other side of you well done keep them coming ?

  • Edwin

    A display of elegance

    • Simplysiro

      Thank you :)

  • Miss Fox

    “If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times,” Betsey Johnson

    LOVE LOVE LOVE…. Waiting for the next post, meanwhile, let me chew on that quote

    • Simplysiro

      Hehe..chew on it..thanks :)

  • Anthony Njagi

    Wow ladies and gentlemen #SimplySiro #HatsOff

    • Simplysiro

      Awww thank you Nito :)

  • Sharonne Kiaye

    Very interesting read…Good job Michelle…

  • Thanks :)