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“Fashion is the amour to survive the reality of everyday life,” Bill Cunningham

Happy Monday everyone! Yes I say happy cause it’s a new week, new chance to do things differently. You may be sited there still not amused it’s a Monday, nursing a hangover perhaps or reminiscing the weekend that was and wished it could last forever. All good things come to an end, so don’t be down.

One thing I believe is the best pick me up on a Monday is an outfit that adds cheer to your day. Why only have ‘Sunday best’ clothes? Our clothes really are an amour, think about it. How many times has your attitude or mood changed simply because you wore something you liked or your favourite colour? Or ladies those moments of, whatever! at least my outfits popping *hair flip. I believe there are two types of dressers, you woke up did your routine and (1) threw on what you normally do for work/class without fussing too much, Or (2) you spent last night and this morning too picking your outfit for the day.

New research finds that the clothes we wear can also influence the way we think. It’s found that when you dress to impress it enhances your ability to engage in abstract thinking. Processing style can influence important factors at work, from the way you approach decisions to the way you focus on a task. I love bright colours they really cheer me up and put a spring to my step. So next time, especially on a Monday, pick out an outfit that you will feel good in and confident because dressing for success is a good head start to where you are going.

Keep smiling :-)

Simply Siro

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Photography: Nic Thuita Make-up: Lynda Ijeoma



Shoes-Old (Random shop along Moi ave.)


Ring-maasai market

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  • Anthony Njagi

    Well thought out. – On Mondays, Dress good, Look good, Feel good. –

  • Edwin

    Good job siro

  • Michael Mugambi

    Awesome stuff as always Siro!!

  • Eric

    good stuff Siro….keep them coming

  • Thank you :)

  • Thank you :)