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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe

So what I’m gonna do is take you back…waaayyy back into the fun 20th century shenanigans. Good afternoon :-) ! Trust you had a fantastic weekend, I really hope you did because I did. Finally got to watch Captain America: Civil War, at Imax, so it was a darn good experience. Back to our time travel into the past where most of our inspiration to innovate comes from.

It’s funny to think what we see as new is really just reinventions, thus the phrase, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. Really there isn’t, think about it, we keep on improving on other people’s ideas. Take Thomas Edison for example, he worked on many people’s ideas to create some of the things he is famous for like the light bulb. It wasn’t his idea but he worked on it until he got it right. The new sexy dresses we see with cut outs, not a new fad at all, it’s from as early as the 1920’s but was popular in the 60’s. So really nothing is new just reinvented and that’s the fun part, building on ideas and making them better. Fashion is no exception to the rule as we keep on recycling from different era’s, of late a lot of the 50’s, 60’s & 7o’s fashion trends are making huge comebacks, from pencil skirts to skater dresses, platform shoes, peep-toe shoes etc.

The best part about reinventing is that you get to personalize the idea and make it your own. For my vintage inspired outfit I added an African touch to make it more fun and personal. Fashion is about knowing the rules and limits and still taking it the other way, because fashion is not just clothes its who you are. What you wear is a message you send to the world of who you are and where you’re going both literally and figuratively. Ladies no more excuses of ‘nothing to wear’. Reinvent those clothe items in your closet, new things only come from been innovative.

Keep smiling :-)

Simply Siro







Photography- One Shot Inc  Makeup- me

Car- Toyota Celica 1979 model

Dress- Linen & khaki

Shoes- Yaya centre (maasai market)

Clutch bag- Sarit centre

Bangle- old

Necklace- Woolworth

Earrings- Woolworth

Ring- Hilton Arcade

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  • Shimzy

    I love the piece….very interesting read and i love how you incorporated the vintage car into you photos
    Keep them coming