Taking Stock 3


“In order to be irreplaceable, one must be always different,” Coco Chanel

Hello! :-)  So this Monday I figured I would do a taking stock. I like doing them because I can keep check of some of my plans and I realised I kind of keep repeating myself. So the question is, am I stagnant? Or do I need a change in my routine? Maybe both but hopefully today we will see a difference, for the better.  Plus I’ll add different tags this time around and remove a few, to keep things interesting.

Making:  A lot of acquaintances recently and it’s really interesting getting to interact with different kind of people, especially in the corporate side of things.

Cooking: Plenty of comfort food (read junk food) just check my Instagram. I need to stop, who am I kidding, but I need to develop self-control. I actually once craved ice-cream so much and for a long while. I ended up buying and finishing 2 litres, you know a litre each of different flavours. Haaa , the shame haha.

Listening: To this radio station called 2FM (87.7), I believe. Like for real it plays so many songs I would have on my playlist and the best part is there are rarely any shows or news breaks so it plays continuously. Their playlist actually reminded me of when I had over 10,000 songs on my iPod, which died years ago c’est la vie.

Sparing: Water, like why? Oh, I mean drinking water. Of late I realised I don’t take as much water. Maybe it’s cause I work from home a lot but I need to drink more. Speaking of which let me grab a glass.

Wishing: I was filthy rich. This weekend I went to the African Heritage for a mixer/work and thought, ‘what a nice boutique hotel’ only to be told by my colleague it’s somebody’s house. This house which the owner lives in is a museum full of rich African culture with artefacts from the whole continent and each room has a lot of history.

Hating: The uncertainty I have constantly, it’s bugging me out and making me feel unmotivated.

Watching: Scream Queens, I hate horrors but this one is a joke. Really silly and funny definitely to be watched with a light heart.

Doing: Work from my bed. Don’t feel bad it’s not all that working from home, but it is cosy and cheap.

Wearing:  Work clothes since I was already dressed and headed for work before plans were changed.

Feeling: Relaxed, I mean you would too, working from home is very chill.

Noticing: Everything you gain in this life comes with a sacrifice. The question is can you afford it? If not it’s never worth it.

Grateful: I got to ride the train for the first time and in first class and third class, this weekend. I have always wanted to try it out and it was interesting. The cabins are really old school for first and second class but third class are modern and new. Now I want to go until Mombasa so I can enjoy the landscape.

Smiling: At my text messages. WhatsApp is always keeping me entertained with the crazy convo’s and memes.

Keep Smiling

Simply Siro :-)





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  • Pagesruth

    Great article Michelle. I love the quote “everything you gain comes with a sacrifice……….”

  • Carol Eddy

    I love that black dress, you look awesome!

  • Sindiso Moagi

    I think the your body will be a little forgiving with the Ice cream because it has been hot lately and the body most likely needed some cooling down. I cannot stand the heat here… Again, I enjoy reading stock takes on life because they keep you honest and give you a perspective of where you are in life. Love it and never stop doing them

    • ☺☺☺ Thanks dear, i really try to be as open as possible

  • I wish I was filthy rich too, don’t we all. Interesting post.

    FOODIES: http://tastiedine.com/2017/01/22/cinnamon-rolls/