“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before,” Edgar Allan Poe

Good morning! :-) I have missed you, no lie. So today I’m going to speak from the heart. Sometimes I get into this negative space where I am not inspired to do anything and just basically mop about things that really are just a construct of my mind. You know them, silly excuses to reasoning’s you think are real yet in reality it’s not. When you are a creative you tend to be the toughest critic of your work and if you are a perfectionist woo unto you, it’s hell! I’m not a perfectionist per se, but when I do not get things done as I have planned and pictured I get annoyed and would rather start from scratch. It takes a toll on me at times so I give in to mediocrity and later regret it or I just do not do it at all and go into that negative space I was telling you about earlier. I am yet to have a solid way of getting around this block of creative frustration. I normally just wait it out, you know ‘time heals’ blah blah type of thing and it doesn’t always work.

I have currently been working on an idea for the blog, a kind of series where I use a fashion staple item as the subject in the storyline. I really do mean storyline like a script and characters, the works. Believe it or not, my head has been so fixated on this concept to the point I have reached a dead end. I have been unable to create content because my mind refuses to see beyond this project and I’m slowly but surely getting depressed about it. I have been creating content while I played with this idea for a while but now that I’m going full on, my mind refuses to multi-task. At times I feel alone in such a struggle because it’s up to you to move or not. Like everything else in life I made a decision and you guessed it, it was not to move. I started this blog because I’m a storyteller by nature and loved the idea of telling stories through fashion since it’s a love of mine and I always see a story in how people dress. Maybe I’m making this project into a mountain from the molehill it is. How do people inspire themselves in such situations? How do you inspire yourselves? I would like this to be an interactive post so you can reach out to me here or any of my social media pages; Instagram, twitter or facebook all Simplysiro. I hope I’m not alone on this.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro

Umbrella, Shoes, Humble-Shoes and accessories 02

Photography- Nic Thuita (watch) & George Maina

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