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“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” Jalaluddin Rumi

Hello! (Crickets*) where did everybody go? (Echoes) Just kidding. So glad I get to interact with you again, it has been a while and did you miss me? No, Yes? Well, I missed you. Today I got the urge to make this post because December is the* migration month for humans. This means travel and a lot of mayhem in between departure and arrival at your destination.

The holiday season is a time when people reconnect with their loved ones meaning travel becomes part of your schedule. I guess that’s part of the power of travel, connections, both new and familiar. For some of us, it can be stressful packing for a trip whether you’re going for a short or long period. December is a time I find myself travelling as well, especially the last two years for a short vacay and packing is a part I dread! Like its just annoying and frustrating, but I do little tricks here and there that help it be less dreadful of a task.

I will be sharing with you some of my tips and others that I have learned online. Some may sound obvious but funny enough we still forget that toothbrush or ticket, you know yourselves.  I forget too so don’t feel like I’m singling you out. I once forgot to pack a towel! yup, you get a whole sense of appreciation of some menial things once they are not with you.  On that note what’s the one thing you forgot to pack and drove you crazy?


  1. Make a list – This is a must for me. My mind works in a manner at which I will be thinking of doing several things at once and find myself forgetting something so simple because my mind skipped it. Avoid the regret and make a meticulous list of what you will need to have, not only clothes but even the necessary travel documents.
  2. Observe restrictions on luggage weight – This mostly applies to those flying. Airlines have restrictions on luggage weight, so strict that even a decimal difference will cost you. Pack what is absolutely needed and if it still goes beyond be prepared with the money cause there are n two ways about this. Also, don’t pack what you can buy where you will be
  3. Save bag space for your holiday purchases – We focus so much on what we will need when on location, we forget we may want to buy and bring back some awesome memorabilia and gifts from where will be coming from.
  4. Travel size cosmetics – This is not just makeup but your body lotions, creams, shampoo, conditioner etc. to save on space and weight, you can either buy travel size friendly versions of your products or transfer them to smaller packaging. It is extremely convenient.
  5. Valuables in a carry-on – You do not want to leave your valuables like phones, laptops, expensive jewellery in your bulk luggage. There have been too many instances where people’s valuable property goes missing in this manner. So please do have them on your person because also how luggage is handled is not with care. Nobody wants their precious possessions damaged or stolen so be on the safer side.
  6. Adapters – This is very important because you are never sure of what outlets you will find at your destination, especially if you have never been there. This saves you the hassle of buying an expensive one at the airport or worse still unable to find one where you will be. You will need to charge your electronics so it’s necessary.
  7. Categorise your clothes – Very important to visualise where you will be and how often in a day you think you will need to change. After doing so pack according to outfits in a day and also factor in how long you will be there since some pieces in your closet are versatile and can be worn more than once. Versatile clothes save on space.
  8. Research on the place – Weather, customs, laws etc are important to know so as to avoid offending people, getting arrested and just makes you a better tourist. You will plan your outfits better, you will enjoy your trip more as been prepared is half the battle won.
  9. Essentials – You must NEVER forget are your passport, ticket/booking confirmations for travel and accommodation, bank cards, foreign currency (travelling abroad). Also, medication like painkillers, anti-acids and bandages because anything can happen and you find yourself far from the reach of something as simple as panadol. Don’t forget your sunglasses! I did a post on how to find your perfect fit!


My vacation will start this Friday, I’m so excited but boy will I come back looking ‘extra melanin poppin’. Am I the only one who gets super dark at the coast? And I use sunscreen so no sunburn just a heavy tan. Either way, I love the beach and have been needing a vacation for a while.  I wish you all happy holidays and a happy New Year and that you will get to make beautiful memories this season.

Keep smiling :-)

Simply Siro



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