“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” Lao Tzu

Hey guys!! Simply Siro is one year today!! Happy dance* I can’t believe a year has already passed…is what some would say. Let me be honest there was a time I thought my blog would not reach here. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into making my blog what it is and this one year mark feels more of an achievement than just ‘I can’t believe it’s a year, time flies’ kinda typical line others have, who knows maybe they feel that way. I for one now know it’s not easy to reach here and if it was a breeze for you, maaan show me how you do it! Blogging for one takes commitment, dedication and love for what you are doing.

When I started my blog I was feeling very inspired and energetic to try things in a different light. I love blogs and especially those about fashion, lifestyle and travel. I wanted to see blogs that let you learn new and interesting things especially on the local fashion blogs, I found most did not take that route. I felt I had something different to offer and after my best friend pushed me to do it (I was scared) I finally did. I was scared and it was all in my head, seriously, no joke. I would think ‘what will people think?’ ‘Is my blog even unique?’ ‘Will I be able to influence my audience?’ ‘I don’t have a camera’ ‘I don’t have a photographer’. Just start, is what I was told, the rest you will build on and make it better.  I am so glad fear did not kill this dream of mine and though a rocky journey so much rewards. My blog pushed me mentally and provoked me to be a bit more daring.

As 2016 was winding down I found myself really struggling with the blog, first content wise as I had reached a point where I lost my creative edge. Second, I was mentally not in a good space to feel inspired enough to write i.e. writer’s block. Third, finances for photo shoots got harder and since I wasn’t thinking right, I didn’t figure that not every post had to have pictures of me (I mean pff! Duh). One thing with me is, if I cannot execute something as I see it in my mind, I don’t do it. Bad idea, because that is what caught me in the rut I was in, trying to be perfect. But it is through that hard time I learned that the first thing you have to do in anything you want achieved is to START! Seriously just start yes you. Whatever ideas or plans that you have been tinkering in your head, do it, do not take it to your grave. You may think it’s silly (like I did) or feel it doesn’t matter, if it matters enough to you, it will matter to others because you made it so. They say the graveyard is the richest place on earth, why? Ideas that never saw the light of day were buried as well. What a tragedy!

Today as I reflect and look back from where I started I can be happy and say I did it, whether you fail or succeed is not as important as your peace of mind knowing that you did what you wanted. I could not have done it without a great support system (watch me give a vote of thanks like I’ve won an award, hehe). To Edwin the computer geek who brought the website to the world, without you this blog would not have existed. From my first photographer to work with me and listen to my weird ideas Nic Thuita. To the amazing makeup artiste who empowered me to learn how to do my own photo shoot makeup, Lynda. Steve for been a believer in my blog before it started and giving me that push. Eric for all the support and cool outfits, Shimzy Street Wear.  My family for their support and love. To you who is reading this, thanks for being a part of Simply Siro. Most importantly, God has been so faithful to me, so here is to 2017, bigger and better, I can only grow from here 🙂  I love you all so much!

Keep Smiling 🙂

Simply Siro

Yin YangFirst ever shoot and post

floral 08

First creative concept shoot

Inspire Your Heart with Art 02One of my fave shots!

Col3First Collab with Sindiso 🙂

Opposite Day 08Amazing Nic Thuita shot