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“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are,” Gianni Versace

Hello, good people! :-) So I have been really racking my brain on how to bring back fashion to this blog since I have done a lot of lifestyle posts of late. As you may be aware I love fashion, if not you are new here so welcome :-) . I feel I have abandoned that aspect of the blog and it has been really bugging me. After reading a post done by a fellow blogger friend Cera Kieha, I got the idea to help you guys figure out certain aspects of fashion we feel a bit clueless in like trends and how to wear them, to even what a cravat is, anyone? If you do know kudos, if not don’t fret! Siro is here to save the day :-) .

Today I decided to do trends in 2017 that I am trying or liking. I am not a person who typically follows trends, but when I find those that easily fit into my persona and what I want to achieve in my look, I am always game. First, you may be like me and in your head saying ‘I never do trends because they look like a uniform, errbady including their mama be doing it,’ I know that feeling. Here is where we go wrong, we take on trends as is and do not bother to individualise it by making it a part of what you already like and have. Trends are meant to be fun because they have a short lifespan, so have fun with them while the last.

Let me digress. I know Valentines is tomorrow and you may have expected a post related to that, but this year I am not feeling it. Am I the only one who feels that Valentines is so over-commercialised that it’s no longer about love but brands? We just think of gifts as a right and if it’s not this or that forget it. The hype over all these years has officially psyched me out! I am a sucker for love but not when you make it about greed and personal gratification, love on its own it is a gift to be shared and is more meaningful than anything money can buy. It’s nice to appreciate your loved ones, but it’s not always about what material thing can you give but what precious non-material thing you can offer like your time. What is your take on this holiday?

So are you ready?! Here are some of the trends this year that I am loving, trying or side-eyeing (ain’t nobody gat time for dat!). You may also try one or two of the trends for a date this Valentines. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you would like to see more such posts.

  1. PINK IS IN! – OH YEAH! My favourite colour is trending this year especially after the 2017 Spring collections were spotted with very bold shades of pinks from saturated fuschias to dusty rose pinks. It’s a great colour to add some pop to your wardrobe and with so many shades you have no excuse, not to try it! Believe it or not pink is actually the universal colour of love for yourself and for others, yap! Many believe it’s red but in actuality the official colour of love is pink. Red is more of romance and passion. There are up to 7 types of love!


2.STATEMENT EARRINGS – I am a jewellery junkie on another level so for me this trend was an ‘Ohh Lawd yes!’ More dope earrings for me. So if you are still looking for a memorable jewellery piece for 2017 go for bold earrings. I am not talking about just big loops or studs, I mean those with beautiful intricate details that just go on and on. They are big, dangling and majestic earrings that when you wear you wouldn’t need a necklace or any other accessory. In short, make the earring the statement of the outfit.

statement earrings (

3. STRIPE EVERYTHING – The off-shoulder trend was nice, but not for everyone. I love the fact stripes are trending, they are classy and always stylish so really it cannot go out of style. But when seen on many runways in the spring collection of dozens of designers then it trends! I have worn stripes whether or not they have been trending. Though, be mindful of your figure and choose stripes accordingly. Remember horizontal stripes widen your frame and vertical stripes are slimming, diagonal stripes effect is a bit more balanced.


4. BARE + RED LIPPIE – I have done this makeup look a few times now and love it! This year I am minimalizing the amount of makeup I apply and the fact that having minimal/fresh face look makeup with a bold red lip is trending I was in!


5. THE 80’s MAKEUP – Okay to be honest this one I gave a side eye because of personal preference. I love 80’s fashion but the makeup not so much. It is basically electric blue eye shadows, bold blush and bright pink or bold red lipstick. For a shoot I am game for such a look but not for an everyday look. It’s very dramatic so maybe I would do without the blush and avoid looking clownish.

back to the 80's (youtube)(courtesy youtube)

Thanks for stopping by and remember to treasure the gift of love more than the treasures brought by commercialised Valentines day.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro



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