No Brainer


“Either you run the day or the day runs you'” Jim Rohn

Good morning! :-) How have you been? I hope you didn’t think I abandoned you. Last week’s post was a feature on my friend’s blog, Cera. If you didn’t know follow me on social media to always be in the know of what is happening in Simply Siro’s world :-) . All my accounts are simplysiro i.e Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Enough of my advertising hehe, today is a no brainer day, that’s right stop over thinking things at least for today.

Life can get really hectic and sometimes it’s actually us bringing all the unnecessary stress and worry into a situation that is simple. Today, I would urge you to take it easy and try to be simple. Not everything is a hard math test, but if you’re good in math I guess that example doesn’t apply. I digress, today do everything in a simple matter and give your brain a rest after all it has enough power to light up a 10-23 watt bulb! If you still find it hard to relax you need to smell the flowers or rather chocolate as the smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves which trigger relaxation. Remember, or rather forgetting is good for the brain, deleting unnecessary information helps maintain its ability to modify its own functions. Its okay to sometimes forget it’s normal and healthy. Oh! and on that note alcohol does not make you forget, what happens when you are drunk is that the brain temporarily stops making memories, so that blackout you had was not about you forgetting, more like it was never even recorded. One last no brainer fun fact, the brain treats rejection like physical pain, so when you didn’t get the job and you felt some hurt, it wasn’t only in your mind.

The shoot done for this post was quite a no-brainer to do. I met an awesome photographer called Sizlo on Saturday, he was to do a shoot for his friend after the meeting we were attending and invited me to join. Later, we exchanged contacts and he sent me the pictures and it was a no brainer that I would use them on my blog. I had not planned for the shoot, I hadn’t met him before but I did not over-think anything and had a fun time during this shoot. The fact that today is actually ‘no brainer’ holiday and I had the pictures already with me made such a perfect match I just had to use them for the post. I encourage you to be more willing and open-minded to embrace things that you usually would be scared of or over-think it and end up avoiding it. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and at any time, so grab them! For you never know what good things it may lead to.

Keep Smiling 😉

Simply Siro







Photography- Sizlopic  Makeup- me Model- Jim

Dress- check here

Head wrap- Ziki

Earrings- Maasai market

Ring- DuBois

Bracelet- old

Bag- old

Sunglasses- gift

Sandals- Bata


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