Embracing my ‘Africaness’


“Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have.”  John Grisham

Hello! Oh! How I have missed you, good people :-) . I am so happy to be brining you a great fresh new post. Hope you haven’t missed too much. I cannot begin to emphasise how finding the time to balance blogging and school has been tricky. I am getting the hang of it and school is going great! Thanks for asking hehe.

Today I felt like sharing how my new year’s mantra is going. I decide it to be, ‘be you’, cliché? Maybe, but I have stuck to it. How many of you can say you have stuck to your new year’s resolution? Hmm? Not bursting anyone’s bubble but we all slip at times. I am embracing my Africaness (not a word) but gives you the idea. I am learning to be happy with myself kinks and all. Speaking of kinks, I love my natural hair, more than I care to admit. My younger self would have been in a mini panic attack at the thought of returning to my natural hair. I had awful memories of it; breaking combs, headaches after a blow-dry and how about a big ball of puffy freeze a few hours after straightening. Thank the Lord products for our kinky hair texture hit the markets and made it easier for girls like me. Though that’s not the only thing I am embracing, this year I have been wearing minimal makeup and had much more makeup free days than ever before. I thought I would hate it, but alas! I loved it especially the time I save on beating my face, let’s not go there. Plus my skin is treating me better so that was a plus I really did not expect. I have been loving African designs more from jewellery, shoes to clothing. I feel beautiful in them and unique. I like to stand out (read extrovert) and upon embracing who I am I have become a more confident person.

It is so scary trying new things especially if it means change intended to be more permanent, but remember that you are always one decision away from a totally different lifestyle. Make your life what you want it to be, and it starts with the first decision, which nobody can make for you. There is no greater feeling of freedom than being who you are, no time to be fake. Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures :-) .

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro








Photography- Sizlopics  Makeup- Me & Sizlopics

African coat- Custom made (Kipekee– Nairobi Textiles stall 431/432)

Skirt- thrift

Heels- Clearance sale (Linda Otiende)

Sandals- Bata

Rings- Beadz by She & Dubois

Earrings- Maasai Market

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  • Nida Claire

    Loving the photos. .. It’s kinda unfortunate that our kinky hair is back courtesy of fashion bit all the same I’m glad it’s a thing now, love your blogs girl, keep it up, I especially love your photoshoots, they definitely pack a punch! 😍

    • Thanks a lot for reading Nida! 😊 and yes thank goodness kinky is a ‘thing’ now hehe.

  • Looking lovely dear..This look is a win..I especially love the ankara coat.
    And the shoes..heheheee