Going way back!


“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in. ” Paris Hilton

What an awesome week to do such a post! Hello, good looking people :-) . Can you feel my energy and excitement! It’s my birthday week i’m so excited, even though my birthday is actually on Wednesday, I don’t mind. But, what I do not love is the stressful week that lies ahead with research papers due in school. Okay, end of rant.

This title just gives the feeling of some old school music, you know Aliyah, Mary J, Tupac, Run DMC, Jackson five, Aretha Franklin. Hold up! Let’s stop here, the 1960’s, talk about way back, bet you didn’t think I would take you that far. My vintage outfit which in retrospect (see what I did) looks a lot like the Sarafina school girls uniform, that’s if it had pizzazz. If you are new here welcome, feel free to check my previous posts, you will notice things of old have a special place in my heart. There is something about borrowing ideas from the past that’s so exciting for me, it’s different and it’s fun. No idea is ever really new but the potential of reinvention has no bounds. In reality reinventing an outfit makes me feel like am celebrating a part of our human existence, which is fleeting every second that goes by, in short life is…and only so little time to have as many experiences. When I dress in vintage inspired clothes, look at art from centuries ago, reading books written centuries ago and listening to music from different era’s I feel am part of the ever-changing human experience. Art is my time machine. Thus my outfit, down to the scarf detail and round glasses is 1960s but my shoes are better than what they had :-) . I like imagining what my life would be like if I were born in a certain era, would I like it? would I even have a job or education?  Life without tissue paper, can you imagine how humanity suffered without such a simple life-saving tool! Such things keep my mind busy in fantasy land. I know am not the only one who does this, yes? no?

My birthday always reminds me to be grateful and to live life to my fullest. To the universe we are but a fleeting speck of existence, 100 years is nothing to the universe, that’s if you can even get to be a centenarian, but the Japanese know a secret to it. To put it in perspective there are stars in the sky that we will never see because their light (fastest thing in the universe) is yet to reach us, get the picture? So I want to have the best life I possibly can have, it’s not about longevity but quality. No point of reaching 100 years and never fulfilling your dreams.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro











Photgraphy-Sizlopics   makeup-Sizlopics&me

Dress- thrift



Necklace- Super Cosmetics (old)

Earings- Super Cosmetics (old)


Shoes- here


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