Work, work, work

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“When work is a pleasure, life is a joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery.” Maxim Gorky

Good morning good people :-) . Hope you have been well, I have been well, though, life has been trying me from job search to school I haven’t been feeling so inspired and more of meh! I’m not sure if that’s even an emotion.

Work, work, work the dynamic of it is quickly been changed by millennials and 8a.m-5p.m jobs may soon become history. This is due to the rise of self-employment and many millennials leaving their place of work in less than three years. It is now becoming quite costly for employers to hire millennials as they leave the moment they feel dissatisfied or a better opportunity comes knocking. But before you go drawing negative conclusions about us millennials remember the reasons for this shift is because according to various reports and studies Millennials’ discontent is as a result of wanting flexibility, purposeful labour and economic security. Believe it or not even some millennials will choose flexibility over pay. If you’re shocked by this then you’re not a millennial :-) . By purposeful labour I mean millennials want to feel that their efforts and work are building towards something greater as it is essential for their happiness. That is why a whole new branch of entrepreneurship has boomed in the last decade, social entrepreneurship. This is a business conscious of how it will be affecting the community around it and contributes to it positively. Economic security comes in since millennials were put into the market in the wake of the recession and thus the need for flexibility as well because you must make ends meet and work more than one job. In Kenya, for example, it is hard nowadays to get a P&P job i.e. Permanent & Pensionable, most job offers are a contract and part-time. So the question is how can employers adapt to this disruption of job structure to suit their new generation of employees? Well, I’m no expert that’s up to them to figure it out with the experts, but a good start is to understand the three fundamentals I have listed above.

Looking at my blog I saw I only had one work outfit and it was as bright as the stars and the moon and may not be ideal for many places of work. I have never worked in a place that requires an official dress code, heck some jobs I have worked in my underwear or pyjamas i.e. from home. So when it comes to official dress code I try to look professional and avoid being boring by adding colour and texture. After all, I am a millennial and if reports and studies have proven anything, it is that we avoid boring soul-killing vibes.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro

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WhatsApp Image 2017-05-24 at 00.28.12 (1)Blooper reel!!

Photography- The travellers (Sizlo & Alpha) Makeup- Me Hair- Super dread (Angels)

Top- old


Handbag- old

Earrings- Gift

Necklace- old

Bracelet- Gift

Watch- Gift

 Heels- here

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  • Nida Claire

    I love how you usually model on your blogs, 😍 this article is so true… Life’s a drag working on a strict 8-5 basis, 😩 one of the reasons why I love where I work is that we don’t have a strict dress code & we don’t have strict reporting times either… I don’t know if I can survive anywhere else at this point.. 😏

    • Aww thanks Nida :-) and i know what you mean, flexibility gives you freedom.

  • Loving the work look..Great post!