A shift in fashion

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“Over the years i have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” Yves Saint Laurent

Good morning beautiful people! :-) Hope you had a great weekend mine was good and pretty much chill. So I start my exams today sigh* but feel like I’m winning since I found time to blog, wuhuu! School life, sometimes I wonder what makes me put myself through this, school can be a b$@#h! These are just some of my frustrations I feel from time to time, enough of sharing and on to today’s post.

Women’s freedom and independence are what the dress I’m wearing represents. A shift dress is basically has a short hem and drop waist, it has an androgynous cut to it and does not hug the body in any place. The shift dress has travelled a long journey and is still quite fashionable. This trend was first spotted in the 1920’s on ‘flapper girls’, who? Flappers, they were young women who were defying the social norms of their time. The ‘roaring 20s’ as it was popularly known; with all the new found wealth in America women had more spending power. Despite the prohibition laws of that time the women would wear their defiant shift dresses and go out to party in secret bars and lounges (speakeasies). This ‘flapper girl’ fashion reflected the party culture and nightlife. Ultimately, the shift dress became a symbol of independence. Its loose fit and androgynous cut but still short enough (above the knee) showed that women prioritised their comfort over their looks. How freeing is that ladies? Just been unapologetically yourself and original. It may be a fashion trend that has survived almost a century but its symbolism is of greater purpose to the woman.

The boom of girl power and woman empowerment today has seen a shift in dressing and it’s not about comfort anymore, but wanting to be nude. Yes, fashion trends (especially on Instagram) today have us women beyond half naked with the pretext of freedom and a woman being empowered to make her own decisions about her body  including what she wears. Personally, I feel the flapper girls had it right with the shift dress unlike today’s sheer and see-through lace designs. Some designs are beautiful with tasteful cuts here and there and sheer trimmings and then there are some you are just naked, I don’t call a spade a big spoon people. You can be modest and still look sexy and the flapper girls prove us right. I have always believed fashion is a story that runs deeper than the fabric and thread that put the pieces together. Fashion can be a powerful tool that evokes deep feelings and brings change beyond the wardrobe and today the shift dress silhouette is an iconic piece for both style and history.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro

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Photograher- Sizlo & Alpha (the travellers) makeup-me

Shift dress- Woolworths

Chain, ring & bangle- Maasai market

Bag- old

Shades- gift

Shoes- here

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  • Vivianne suki

    Yaay revolutionary fashion, my fave :)