Monday Blues


“All our knowledge has its origins in our perception” Leonardo DaVinci

Good morning fam! :-) It’s Monday! Another post and an entirely new week to work on your dreams. If Monday was a person they would have been massacred a long time ago. People hate Monday’s but hopefully today I may help you have less murderous thoughts, if Monday was a person hehe.

It’s Monday and you feel like you blinked and the short awesome weekend might have been a dream. You are now back on your grind but in a funky mood, feeling gloomy and counting the hours when you can be in your bed. Fun fact, Monday gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon word “mondandaeg” meaning “the moon’s day.” The second day of the week in Nordic cultures was devoted to worshipping the goddess of the moon. Speaking from a logic point of view hating Mondays can be due to several reasons. Some include; you’re starting the week doing the same thing, a routine is boring. Weekends are everything weekdays are normally not i.e. fun, adventurous and leisure. Another aspect, great shift from your relaxing Sunday to a busy humdrum day that is Monday. Also, the sleep pattern changes, from waking up later in your day to waking up when even the sun is not up. These are just some of probable reasons for hating Mondays. But in all honesty, the pack mentality we humans have is the biggest influence, everyone else hates Mondays so I hate Mondays too. All other days may suck as well but you would still say Monday was the worst even if in retrospect it really was not that bad. Everything starts from your mind and with this fact it means Mondays should be everyone’s best day. This is because the weekend gave you time to refresh and relax your mind meaning in actuality your mind is at its peak of productive juices. In all honesty writing blogs on Monday’s is so easy for me than any other day, I feel the most creative. I actually started liking Mondays because of blogging; I had something fun and enjoyable to do every Monday morning. I suggest you do the same, make a ritual that you exclusively enjoy on Mondays alone e.g. it could be your cheat day (diet).  You can also wear something you love new or old, call that one friend you know will have you in laughing. For the ladies, wearing sexy underwear will make you feel confident and this positive shift in your mood will affect how you feel about your day. Find something you know always gives you a great pick me up and can be done on a Monday.

Remember, the tone in which you start anything will determine how everything will concurrently fall in place. Who in their right mind wants a shitty week? So try and avoid a shitty Monday by putting in the effort to make it work for you. Easier said than done, but with the small tricks I have given you, the mind shift will gradually be felt. If anything we are always excited about firsts of everything, so why be salty about the first day of the work week?  Your perception is what creates your reality. Fact, Monday is actually the second day of the week, oh what? You don’t want to hate on Sunday now? Haha, I thought so, remember perception is key. On that note have an awesome Monday!

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro







IMG_9869 (1)




*BONUS* Look who stopped by my shoot #MCM #MCE #CEO #Shimzystreetwear #SSW #dedicated #thepersonwhomakesmelaughonmonday

Denim jacket- SSW

Photography- Sizlo (the travellers) Makeup- Me

Top – old

Skirt – Random shop (Imenti House)

Houndstooth trench – old

Shoes – old

Dangling earrings- Super Cosmetics

Watch & Bangle – gift

Bag – Online

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