“Throw me to the wolves and i will return leading the pack” Anon

Hello! It’s Monday and with it comes a new post for you :-) . Being badass means not caring about other people’s opinions, its been apologetically you. Today I will keep it short and sweet!

I have watched enough movies to know that any badass in a movie has an iconic leather piece that creates the characters badass persona. There is something about leather that makes a person look tough and cool. Think about it, there is Wesley Snipes character in Blade, Neo in the matrix, Catwoman, Arrow in the series and Batman too! Even most villain characters wear leather, it has reached to the level of if you see the bad guy is not in leather at some point you question how bad they are. Leather is nothing new and dates back to as far as 1300BC. I find it weird how we humans walk around wearing animals on our backs and claim it to be fashion. I mean imagine if other animals wore human skin or even other animal bi-products, a cow wearing wool or even a sheep in wolf fur (see what I did). We are the only animals who wear other animals, creepy or badass?Leather is tough and resilient and maybe its these qualities that make anyone in it look to have the same qualities. Nairobi weather of late has been confusing, really cold one day the next hotter than five suns. This outfit was inspired by the bipolar weather, warm on the outside, cool on the inside. Leather may be tough but keeps you really warm, like tough love. Having a leather piece in your wardrobe is a fashion staple for many, it is timeless, practical and even classy in some cases.

The leather coat I wore here are one of those clothing items you leave hanging forever and never give them the chance of day, well until the weather changes your perspective of thinking. I felt cool and confident in it not to mention warm and cozy, perfect combo to feel like yourself and be a bada$$ B-).

Keep smiling :-)

Simply Siro









Photography – Sizlo Makeup – Me

Leather jacket – Old

Top – Old

Skirt – Random shop CBD

Shoes –  New look (online)

Watch – gift

Earrings – gift

Shades – Online Shop

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