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“Don’t waste your youth growing up” – Anon

Good morning! :-) I hope you had an awesome weekend, mine was very chilled out the way I like it. Today my outfit is what has inspired the short story below. I’m quite a homebody, to be honest, sure I like going out but I can’t-do it every weekend. At times I feel like an old soul when many other people my age prioritize turning up even as early as Wednesday, like seriously?!

I only go out when I have the urge or if there is an occasion, yap I’m team club bed and couch potato eating junk food; it’s my comfort zone. To be frank, I always felt like a weirdo, maybe I am but guess what, we’re all weird in one way or another. When I was in high school many of my friends and those I interacted with found it odd I don’t have an interest in partying like they did and they would always bring up ‘but your bro is a Dj, you can get in easily to any club’ queue eye roll. Yes, he is but that’s him and I am me and I didn’t feel the urge, plus have you met my brother? His my elder by a decade, ain’t no way he would be pulling such favours for his teenage small sister. Peer pressure is a bitch as we all know and I tried a few times after I finished school and just realized it’s not something I can do every weekend. I know am not alone on this, but when I go out I go HAM just ask the romper I’m wearing in this post hehe. I first wore it for my birthday this year and let me just say 30 plus shots is no joke, I was not turning 30 by any means but my friends are evil! LMAO I love y’all though, you give me memories or lack thereof and that’s what been in your twenties is about, making memories of your young life to look back on and laugh or even cringe on how dumb you were. Every time I look at this romper I laugh and shake my head because the stories it has just from one night are epic!

It is hard being in your 20’s and you have no idea what life will throw at you, dreams are created and crushed, you lose loved ones, jobs, relationships. However, you also gain experience, memories, friends and in these moments and these are the things when old and grey is what keeps you company because you are definitely not about to go break a hip at no club. “Vunja mifupa kama meno bado ipo” live life to the fullest when you’re young and still can. This post goes to all members of club bed and team couch potato, find what you enjoy doing outside the house and do it more often, lest you regret wasting your youth.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro













IMG_9845 (1)-min

IMG_9828 (1)

Photography – Sizlopic Makeup – Me

Romper – Sonia’s Kloset

Shoes – old

Bag – old

Watch & Bangle – gift

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  • Sam

    WOW!!! Forget 20 kph this is more like 120!! U look stunning!! So glamorous and sexy. U got that devious look in ur eye too lol!! Yeah im kinda the same- i prefer to laze at home then go crazy when I eventually go out! x x x