Taking stock 4

“The more reflective you are, the more effective you are.” Hall & Simeral

Hello Fam! Hope you enjoyed your long holiday this past weekend and celebrated heroes in your life. I know I enjoyed mine; talking about heroes, have you read my last post on heroes & heritage? No? Just pose here and go read it 🙂 . I realized last week that I have not done a post giving you an update of my life (it’s not interesting LOL) so today morning I figured I should do my first taking stock of this year. I hope it won’t be a bore, enjoy!

Making: Sure I stay sane. At times I feel like breaking down in all capacities, but staying in a negative space can make one feel crazy and depressed and that has never helped anyone. So making a conscious effort to be positive and remain sane.

Cooking: Nothing, in particular, just the same old. It’s  kinda sad because cooking is a hobby of mine which I try new things. The only new thing I tried about a week ago was lemon & herb grilled chicken. I need to push my limits.

Drinking: A lot more brunch cocktails. As you know brunch is my favourite meal, check out my Instagram page and you will know what I am talking about. Many of my friends actually complained that I make ‘em hungry muahahaha! Sorry, not sorry.

Reading: A load of academic literature (Yay!… not) life in graduate school requires a lot of reading if you want to excel. Some stuff especially case studies are interesting and you learn to see things from a different perspective. Other than that it’s a bore.

Wasting: Opportunities. How sad is that? Very. Of late I find myself not having this go-getter energy and when I have opportunities to progress myself be it my blog or other interests I freeze up. I’m not feeling too confident of late putting myself out there.

Wishing: Life was easy haaaaaaaaaaaa…okay am done breathing. I have less energy as the year is winding down but there is no break in this life until your six feet under.

Liking: My new hairstyle. I haven’t put braided cornrows in years let alone beads on them. I felt like doing a throwback style inspired by Alicia Keys famous braided styles in the early 2000s.

Watching: A lot of series than movies. Series i’m loving are Project Runway, Kevin can wait, Big Mouth, Cut throat kitchen, This is It (YouTube series). I love binging and series help you do that, movies end too abruptly and if you really like you can’t re-watch it again unless I watched it long ago. I have actually re-watched a couple like Bruce Almighty this past Saturday, I love me some Jim Carey.

Listening: To nothing in particular but have been finding artists particularly in Hip Hop, that is awesome but not as celebrated or overrated. I actually like Joey Bada$$’ albums like 1999, B4.DA.$$ and this year’s All-Amerikkan Bada$$. His music has content and great messages, not just partying and turning on floss mode.

Smelling: A lot of oils in their natural, organic and cold pressed form. They stink, even coconut doesn’t smell good.

Needing: How long do we have? Haha. I need so many things but let’s start small a phone. Right now I use a phone that time travelled from the Samsung shop of 2005. Things are that bad, my phablet died a natural death i.e. motherboard went into the light.

Wearing: My fluffy, pink (duh) robe. I’m still in bed as I write this.

Feeling: Like I’m already done with 2017.

Loving: My rings that I got from beads by she. I was so excited to find out I knew the owner, we were in the same high school.

Noticing: Good things in life take time. Patience is a virtue that has quickly dissipated in today’s generation. Seriously, Rome was not built in a day, if we are been literal it is still been built to date. So we need to chill and realize this fast lifestyle is dangerous and easy come easy go.

Laughing: At Oprah’s where are they now segment on YouTube. Not that they are meant to be funny but some had me laughing harder than I should. Most are really amazing but the few I came across had me in stitches.

Wondering:  Where my journey in life will take me and if I will have lived a life I would be proud of and not ‘I wish I did’.

Smiling: At the fact, I have finished today’s post and that I have my blog which I get to share parts of my life with awesome people.

Keep smiling 🙂

Simply Siro