Happy 2018!

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“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively,” Bob Marley.

Happy 2018! I trust if you are reading this you were blessed enough to see another new year and I am glad you chose to come back here :-) . How are your resolutions coming along? As I mentioned in my 2017 new year’s post, I don’t make resolutions but rather choose a word to be my focus. So as usual with a new year comes new potential and opportunities and I hope you feel good about this year.

I mention ‘feel’ because our reality is based on how we feel and experience this world. Every feeling you have or experience does not happen in a vacuum, but rather cause and effect are in play. This means we are all in control of how we feel because we control how we think. Knowing this is the easy part but actually practising it is the hard part. For the better part of late last year, I was in a sad, moppy state, mainly because I kept focusing my mind on negative thoughts and doubts constantly that it got to a point all I wanted to do was sleep all day and not to be bothered. My pillow might as well have been a biscuit dipped in hot tea for too long; soggy, from all the tears. Steering your thoughts into a positive frame is easier said than done and it is very easy to forget all the things you should be grateful for, like your health, friends, family etc. We forget being rich is not money and earthly possessions, sure it’s great to have money and good things in life, but as Bob Marley said: “…my richness is life”. Things do not make us happy and understanding this is very hard for many of us, especially when you feel most of your issues can be sorted by money. But think of it like this, can money buy your life? Medicine yes, life no. Life’s value is too precious and with that being said enrich your life with joy and happiness.

Every day remind yourself what you are grateful for even one thing is fine. Pray or meditate so as to get your mind in a positive space. Being happy is a decision, it doesn’t happen to anybody, you must choose it over and over again every day, there is no shortcut. Having joy is even harder because joy comes from within you; regardless of the misery that you are surrounded by you are still thriving in life. This year I choose to have happiness and joy as my words of focus. It is easier to be negative trust me, it takes way more effort to be positive, but I chose to fight for my joy and happiness this 2018. How are you feeling about 2018? Do tell, share and let me and others know they are not alone in the struggle of a meaningful life.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro




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 Photography – Sam (1iyanuphotography)  Makeup – Me

T-shirt – Thrift

Pants – Shimzy Street Wear (SSW)

Jacket – Thrift

Heels – Shop in CBD

Earrings – Super Cosmetics

Watch – Gift

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  • Sindiso Moagi

    Hello Michelle, happy new year! I must say you are becoming this style vixen of note and I am loving it.This cape style jacket is everything. As for resolutions, what are those? My resolutions change as my life changes too. Your strategy is good where you more into the chosen word you associate your resolution to.

    • Happy new year Sindiso glad to see you this year. Thanks 😊