2nd Blogversary!!


“Happy Anniversarry Simply Siro!”

Olaa!! Okay, I know I do not post at these hours of the night but today I honestly forgot my blogs anniversary was today, I was so prepared to post tomorrow hahaha. Some angel just told me to check the date of my first post and I was like oopsie poopsie (Family Guy). But I believe it happens to the best of us, Facebook wasn’t there to help a sister out :-( . So in honour of the spur of the moment, instead of reflecting let’s talk about forgetfulness :-) .

Hands up if you have ever forgotten a special date \0/. That is life, no? We all get caught it up in one thing or the other and end up making up for it later, especially if you have those friends who always remind you (you know yourself) but you love them and are 100% guilty you so pay your dues. Let’s not get started on forgetting people’s names, I feel like a terrible human being every time this happens. I rarely forget a face but remembering a name is just those things I suck at; it takes me even up to two semesters of school to remember some of my classmate’s name (don’t judge me) and do not get me started on work especially if there many colleagues. Sometimes it’s so bad I use Truecaller so as to identify the name, yeah that type of bad, c’mon please tell me I’m not alone. It’s not that I do not care, I honestly try but it’s just one of the things I don’t do well #notperfect. Some fun facts about forgetting, just don’t forget them :-p .

However, forgetting the date of my blog reminds me of how long I procrastinated before starting.  I was so excited and thrilled for my first post, I was finally doing it and then I got technical issues. I remember having balancing tears wondering why things weren’t working exactly how I planned in my head. I tend to micro-manage and fuss over details and it takes a lot out of me at times. I can’t help find myself fussing over things like using bubblegum pink over bright pink, needing the butterfly wings (it’s not a bow lol) in a certain angle, on a circle might I add and that is just the logo. Blogging has taught me not to sweat the small stuff, trust me i would not be posting this late if that was not the truth. A big thank you to all those who helped me and put up with my stubborn self and most importantly to all you who take the time to read and reply about my post share the links on Social Media, you are all awesome! Hope I will be able to inspire, make you laugh (maybe?) and also learn from this platform. Do remember to support me and other peoples content you love, we put a lot into our work and appreciating it encourages us a lot. I love and appreciate you, I wish you all joy and happiness.

Keep Smiling :-)

Simply Siro





SHIMZY BAE 271-min

MICH 38-min

MICH 39-min

SHIMZY BAE 288-min

SHIMZY BAE 286-min

 Photography – Sam (1iyanuphotography)  Makeup – Me

Dress – Soniaskloset

Shoes – Old

Watch – gift

Earrings – Super Cosmetics

Rings – Beadsbyshe

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