Sweet Valentine’s!

“True love begins when nothing is expected in return” Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Good morning and happy valentines! 🙂 Lemme start by saying I have never really understood why people get so excited for Valentine ’s Day, what’s the all the hullabaloo is about. I’m not a cynic of love but this holiday is just bonkers! Allow me to rant a little. Yes? Okay.

First off, the commercialization, so is today the only day you can show your loved ones what they mean to you? No. Second, the pressure, thanks to social media people all over the world are pressured to show off what they did for valentines, is there a prize? Didn’t get that memo. Lastly, people do feel bad when they cannot give their loved ones grand gifts, mostly to floss online or brag to their friends. Let’s just say, I am not against love and showing affection through gifts but to me, Valentines Day is a business’s best day! You see, it’s not about you today, oh no! It’s about how much money these flower vendors, restaurants, supermarkets and many other brands and businesses can cash in on this fat cow. Make that coin! It’s a business after all not charity or goodwill. You do not need to prove to the world that you are loved and by what extent of monetary value. A quick one, Gary Chapman came up with the concept that everyone has different love languages, some people prefer quality time over gifts, others gifts over acts of service etc. this means gifts are appreciated but not always so important to everyone. Personally, from a very young age I was not amused by this holiday while growing up I used to think it’s a holiday about giving red roses. Funny enough, pink is the universal colour of love, red is more about passion, ‘eros’ type of love. I’m a sucker for pink (duh), on Wednesday’s we wear pink, and we can’t be friends if you don’t get that reference haha.

Now, for me, I believe love should be celebrated every chance you get. If someone is truly important to you, you will not be waiting for today to prove it in a grand way. I am the type of person who would rather get a rose every other day than a bunch once a year, but that’s me. Maybe there are some who Valentines Day is second to their birthday or Jesus’ birthday. I actually like how this holiday reminds us how good and sweet love can be because loving has never been easy. It has a lot of trials, hurt, sacrifice, compromise and painful growth. Love is something so sweet but makes us cry salty tears. So if today is a day we forget about the hard times we go through with our loved ones so be it! Do not do it to get praises online, because people online will be more likely sending you more hate than love. I have always appreciated unique gestures that are well thought out and not cookie cutter, last years’ valentine’s post tells it all. I just wanted to remind you that we have 365 days a year, show your love as often as possible and remember to understand peoples love languages; love someone how they want to be loved, it’s never about you. Just like my outfit its not about Valentines but pink! The colour of love.

Keep Smiling 🙂

Simply Siro


MICH 9-min

MICH 11-min


SHIMZY BAE 076-min

SHIMZY BAE 073-min


SHIMZY BAE 062-min

Photography – Sam (isoclicks) Makeup – me (as if this ever changes LOL)

Blouse – thrift

Pink skater skirt – thrift

Pink cap – old (af)

Pink bag – The glam spot (Machakos)

Pink watch – gift

Necklace – Cera Accessories

Earrings – Super Cosmetics

Shades – random shop CBD

Heels – gift (not mine *wink)