“It’s not about weathering the storm but learning to dance in the rain” Anon

Hello! Ola! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The grey skies loomed over the city looking like a terrifying menace that no one below wanted. Oh! How we hate the rain yet we are so quick to beg for a drop to quench our drying lips when the sun is merciless and unforgiving. ‘I hate the heat! … I hate the cold!’ but the weather is unbothered about your feelings. You curse at the beautiful sun for being too hot and curse at the rain for making you too cold. This life is never about you or what you like and don’t like, this life is about how you perceive it and make of every situation. If the sun was to forever set and never lay its rays upon your face you shall weep for its warmth, if the rain shall never drop upon your feet you shall try to cry out, but alas you too are dry for mother earth has denied you her gift. Oh! I know, how about we have both together? Rain and sun that will be best, no? Then a sun shower will make us happy, not too hot or too cold or wet. No? Then what bothers you, the heat or the cold? Or the fact that it is not about you. It is about how you take those challenges every day to become the best version of yourself; how you play the cards you were dealt by life. All hate hot weather but never hot cuppa jo’, we love our ice-cream and beers cold, so why is it we can’t enjoy the rain or cold? Why is it we are quick to complain about how things beyond our control make us feel? It’s hot, so what?! Get that cold drink you love. It’s cold, huh? Grab your favourite mug of hot beverage. Focus on what can be done! People love rainbows but it takes the rain and the sun to make one. The beauty of life is like a sun shower, sometimes we find ourselves in a happy place but are emotionally in darkness or we are happy but surrounded by gloom. Let’s get corny for a second here, find your rainbow haha. We are always in control, not of everything, but of how we choose to react and how we react sets our mindsets and our mindset determines our moods and…you see where am going with this right? I’m guilty of being stuck in my feelings but time like today’s post I remind myself, it’s not about me.

Today is my birthday and I do not feel the need to celebrate, doesn’t mean if others want to I deny them, because, let’s say it together…it’s not about you. The irony, ey? Just like the weather is not about you, so is life. You are remembered by your impact on people’s life not about how you feel about your life. Hope this post touches even one person to get out of their feelings and think in a positive perspective and know they are not alone, I and so many others out here struggle and blame the weather, so to speak, for their feelings yet it is you not the sun or rain with the emotions. Makes sense? Hope so 🙂

Keep Smiling 🙂

Simply Siro









Photography – Sizlo  Makeup – Me

Khaki dress – Thrift

Bag – Thrift

Earrings – gift

Flower clip – Super cosmetics

Sandals – Bata

Shades – Random shop in Moi Ave.