“Nothing good come out of quitting”-Kevin Hart

Olaaa! I have missed this space. Getting creative with words and fashion, but I’m back with determination! Where have I been? Same place you left me, just decided to embrace my introversion. It became a bit exhausting as it began to feel repetitive and content wasn’t what I would envision. Sometimes trying to be a perfectionist leads to a serious burnout and unrealistic expectations. I made this blog to be a fun environment where I could express myself and you guys join me for the ride. Along the way I became so self critical and spoke not so nice things to myself about who I am. We need to be kind to ourselves; we are technically the only person we will be with till death.

2020 was a crazy year for everyone on this planet and was no different me, though, I did a lot of self-growth and healing, got into a better head space. Understanding who you are is one of the most important things you can do. I recently took the Briggs personality test and it brought a lot of clarity as to who I am and why I am the way I am. You are born with these personality traits, so it cannot change, according to Briggs. I’m an “advocate” INFJ meaning I am introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging. The breakdown was pretty much on the nose with everything it even mentioned being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) which I discovered way before this test. Once again, this trait you are born with and cannot acquire it, because your brain is literally wired different. My brains nervous system reacts to external stimuli as if on high alert 24/7. Just picture the moment when you normally feel on edge and sensing more of your environment, like when so cautious or unsure of a place; even the flick of your own clothe on your neck can make you jump out of panic. Now that’s me 24/7 and I cannot stop myself from sensing such feelings.  It means I sense feelings and emotions on a very deep level and sometimes may seem I’m been over emotional be it anger or excitement.

I’m learning not to sweat the small stuff and you cannot enjoy the process or have growth if you don’t start. Something will always be in the way of anything you want to achieve, but doing the best you can with what you have at the moment is better than waiting for ‘perfect’ conditions. They will never come, but the beauty is, as long as you are trying you will get better and eventually reach where you wanted to be from the beginning. Patience is a hard virtue which my ‘microwave’ generation needs to learn so as to feel more fulfilled and content with life choices. We are unsatisfied because we think things are supposed to happen at a certain pace or you’ll be late, to what? Enjoying life? If you cannot find value and enjoy life in any season of life you are in, NOTHING will ever make you happy. Choose to be happy with where you are, with the wrong attitude it doesn’t seem as much but with the right attitude, happiness will be your way of life. Easier said than done, but knowing that happiness is a choice changed my approach to life permanently.

P.S : I wrote this for the blogs birthday in January 17th. Today I got that oomph that last drop of inspiration. I hope my return from my hiatus to try again can inspire someone to try again because we gain nothing from quitting.

Keep Smiling:-)

Simply Siro

Photography – Iyanu