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  • Rebel

    “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus Hello to you 🙂 !! I know, I know…I have been M.I.A for six months now (the shame). I actually realized a few days ago it has been six […]

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  • Sunshower

    “It’s not about weathering the storm but learning to dance in the rain” Anon Hello! Ola! 🙂 🙂 🙂 The grey skies loomed over the city looking like a terrifying menace that no one below wanted. Oh! How we hate the rain yet we are so quick to beg for a drop to quench our […]

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  • Sweet Valentine’s!

    “True love begins when nothing is expected in return” Antoine De Saint-Exupéry Good morning and happy valentines! 🙂 Lemme start by saying I have never really understood why people get so excited for Valentine ’s Day, what’s the all the hullabaloo is about. I’m not a cynic of love but this holiday is just bonkers! […]

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  • 2nd Blogversary!!

    “Happy Anniversarry Simply Siro!” Olaa!! Okay, I know I do not post at these hours of the night but today I honestly forgot my blogs anniversary was today, I was so prepared to post tomorrow hahaha. Some angel just told me to check the date of my first post and I was like oopsie poopsie […]

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  • Quarter life crisis

    “Our twenties are about what we plant in the ground, not about what we harvest. We can’t keep pulling our seeds out of the dirt before it has time to grow.” Paul Angone Good afternoon 🙂 ! Hope you are enjoying your Labour day before the long weekend ends. Today I felt like talking about […]

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  • Holiday travel tips

    “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” Jalaluddin Rumi Hello! (Crickets*) where did everybody go? (Echoes) Just kidding. So glad I get to interact with you again, it has been a while and did you miss me? No, Yes? Well, I missed you. Today I got the urge to make this post because […]

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  • Urban Gourmet Burgers (review)

    Will you have fries with that?- Anon A soft, toasted bun… crispy, cool lettuce… fresh, ripened tomatoes… tangy barbeque sauce… melted gooey cheese and in the middle of it all, a juicy seasoned beef patty. Hello! 🙂 So excited about today’s post, for one it’s about food, two its burgers and fries! I am a […]

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  • Making Connections

    “The most important things in life are the connections you make with others,” Tom Ford Smelling freshly brewed coffee is an amazing journey. Take in a deep breath of the rich and robust aroma, it fills your lungs and all you want is more of it, the call to its addiction is strong. You exhale […]