Is it already Christmas?

“To be well dressed is good manners” Tom Ford

Hello folks 🙂 ! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, mine was a ‘meh’ mood. Not feeling too cheery this week, the irony, it’s Christmas season after all. Today, I will be brief and reminisce a little bit.

Growing up my father made a fuss about Christmas; I believe it’s his favourite holiday, he pulled out all the stops. He especially loved the white Christmas type of stuff. We would buy a fresh Christmas tree and decorate it in tinsel, crepe paper, Christmas lights and little Santa’s my sister and I fashioned out of toilet paper rolls and crepe paper. We even had a special star for the top of the tree. Aaand we still would decorate the entire downstairs of the house with tinsel and fairy lights too. We would even play records of Bonnie M’s Christmas tunes which of course has the song ‘white Christmas’, ‘Feliz Navidad’ etc.(for the kids in the back you can Google it). See what I mean? Full shebang! That been said we out grew many of those traditions or they outgrew us. Sometimes we do holidays other times just a simple lunch. Going for mass on Christmas day is the only constant we have kept and which I feel is good and necessary. It’s a day to mark our saviours birth even though it’s not technically his birthday.

This year we are going on holiday (will share pics & vids on my IG) and I would be lying if I said that doesn’t cheer me up, if anything it’s more for the relaxation and actually only time I swim nowadays. I can no longer even claim swimming is my hobby considering I rarely do so. Anyway, I’m rumbling too much. Point is cocktails, pool time and easy breezy outfits like this jumpsuit. I have this obsession for jumpsuits that grew this year and it’s because they are effortlessly stylish and no fuss elegance (except when you are in the loo). You can dress them up for a dinner and tone it down for the beachside or lunch etc. versatility in styling makes it suit many occasions you will be having this season, so get one that fits you well. I prefer solid plain colours and no print simply to allow more versatility and playing ground to accessorize for the occasion.  So what are your plans for Christmas this year?

Keep smiling 🙂

Simply Siro










Photography – Sizlopic    Makeup – Me

Jumpsuit – stylavenue

Shoes – random stall in CBD

Flower hairpiece & earrings- Super Cosmetics