“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”- Amit Ray

Ola! Hi there beautiful people 🙂 . ‘Tis a Monday and I come bearing you gifts of…

It’s quirky, man’s fascination with the road, after all we will never know why the colloquial chicken crossed the bloody road. I’m sure you know this tattered cliché, ‘life is a road’, ‘the road to success is always under construction ’,‘ take the less travelled road’ blah blah blah. Not to be a party pooper about quotes (I mean all my posts start with quotes). My point is that we are obsessed with a linear life! We are so fixated on what we want to achieve and by what point in our lives and if that plan was to, I don’t know, veer off to the boulevard of broken dreams (we can be friends if you get this reference… 🙂 ). We panic, get anxious and try and figure out how others have life figured out. Well, I believe not even the biblical Methuselah had his centuries of existence figured out. That’s the thing, life is not binary, nor linear, am of the opinion that it’s a cycle, same script different cast. Nothing is new under this sun and we still haven’t figured out why people yawn and it been contagious, point is, we can never always have our isht figured out and IT IS OK.

So, when you have a problem or just trying to make sense of things, you cannot do it if you are standing in the issue, you can boil a frog to death; if you heat up a pot of water it’s in, it will never jump out. That’s why the roadside and not the actual road have more value in life, many of us know it is the journey and not the destination that counts. Even on road trips you pull to the side of the road to rest, get directions, eat, and take a dump, normal road trip stuff. So why not take that logic and apply to life? Life’s journey gives you a flat tyre or that urge, like when you really have to pee and have reached the point of no return and would pee anywhere even in your pants LMAO! Side note; if you have never been that pressed in your life, you need to drink more water haha. Seriously though, just pull to the roadside and do what you need to recharge to get back into life’s cycle. I am currently by the roadside, to be honest; it is a weird place to be at especially when you have been raised in a linear world that even William Shakespeare came up with life’s seven stages, SMH, rushing to the next point in life makes people miss the present. You know yourself ‘by 20/25/30 I should have this and be doing this’, ‘by 35 I will have etc’ you get my point. That is what I am trying to appreciate; been present, since this year’s mantra is happiness and joy. Boy does the Lord test you, just been stressed and broke is a perfect $hit storm for a catch-22 of life; you can’t know happiness without sadness, makes it so much sweeter.

Today I went on a rant so my thoughts may be all over the place but I truly did enjoy writing this blog post. But don’t stay too long on the roadside, peek through those shades every now and then least you miss your ride back on the cycle that is life. I mean after all if i did not peek in my closet I would have never found this dress that I wore when I was 9 years old to my grandpa’s funeral, funny part is that I had to buy the size for age 12, talk about been a giraffe LOL!

Keep smiling 🙂

Simply Siro








Photography –  Sizlo Makeup – Me

Dress – Woolworth (old AF)

Black top – thrift

Boots – online

Watch – gift

maasai choke – Dupoto Beads

Maasai necklace – Maasai market

Earrings – Super Cosmetics

Shades – old