Colour My World Happy

“Raha jipe mwenyewe” Wahenga

Happiness…what is it? The absence of suffering? Enjoying life’s worldly pleasures? Being content? Having everything you want in life? Really, what is happiness? This is a subjective question because depending on whom you ask, the answers will change.

Happiness for me is a choice. It wasn’t always like that though, at one point I believed it meant having everything you want. Happiness is a principal in life that makes our existence beautiful and worthwhile. Still, with this understanding we sometimes get it wrong because of perspective, which is critical. As today’s quote says ‘raha jipe mwenyewe’ (give yourself happiness) forces our perspective into looking inwards and not outwards for things to bring us happiness. We can sometimes feel that it is only an emotion, but the reality is it’s a state of mind and being. You can have all the desires of your heart and all your prayers answered and still not feel happiness. Happiness is a fruit in life, which we must choose to consume regardless of the place you are in at the moment. The season of life you are in should not determine if you consume the fruit or not; you still have to eat even when sick or you have no appetite. Why? It’s the body’s principal that we must eat to live or we die. Same logic applies here with happiness; if we fail to consume it we cannot be shocked when we are starved of it. This of course, is easier said than done, but you can make it a habit by making sure every day you consciously make yourself happy, it’s not easy (good things never come easy) but worth your spirit. You must colour your own world, no one will ever do it for you.

So, just like a muscle I do my best to exercise happiness by doing small things that matter in the grand scheme of happiness. Talk nicely to myself, forgive myself, laugh at myself, be grateful for what life is all about… living. Even in gloomy seasons of my life I have caught myself doing harmful things to my spirit and realizing I’m digging a dark pit in which I can actually stop digging. At times I feel unable, but just like any muscle you must slowly and consistently train it to gain strength. Some days you just won’t show up for yourself, forgive yourself, pray about it and continue to try every day. Slowly but surely, your minds perspective on happiness and making it your responsibility will be like muscle memory; instantly catching the happiness that is in your life and enjoying living, because life is for the living and we are only here for a while.

Keep smiling ©

Simply Siro

Photography – Eric Shimzy Makeup – me

Pants – MRP